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Cervical cap lot #97c
Description Hard rubber/plastic, dark brown (translucent looks like black/red), inscribed at top "Garanto 3"
Catalog number 2004.020.0122
Other Name Vimule Cap
Notes French origin, manufactured by Lamberts Ltd

Comes in 3 sizes and flared rim that attached itself to the vaginal walls surrounding the cervix, like the Dumas. Becase it does not cling to the cervix itself (rather vaginal walls), it does not require a specific fit so women that cannot use the Prentif can use this.

Vimule Controversy:

The cap was known to give about 15% of patients small nicks or cuts in their vaginas. The cuts resembled the callus-like formations that occur in the mouths of people who had braces. The cuts were attributed to the rough edge of the cap. In 1983, the US FDA forbade the further use of the Vimule cap. People wanted the manufacturers to redesign the cap. However, the company said that the people who suffered cuts wore the cap for 48 hours instead of the reccommended 24 hours. Thus, the company refused to spend the money to cast a new mold. It is still available in Europe, Austrailia, and elsewhere.
Lexicon category Contraception
Lexicon sub-category Contraception, barrier
Collection Skuy Collection
Search Terms contraception
Cervical cap
Accession number 2004.020