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Cervical cap
Cervical cap
Description Plastic Lea's Shield barrier cervical cap, has removal valve and loop, accompanied with a two-piece clear rubber fitter
Catalog number 2004.020.0123
Other Name Lea's Shield
Notes It is a reuasble barrier made of medical-grade silicone, inserted into the vagina over the cervix with the intention to block sperm. It is used in conjunction with spermicide.

Like the cervical cap, Lea's Shield stays in place with suction. It differs from other female barrier methods such as the cervical cap or diaphragm in that:
-It comes in one size (ie. does not need to be specifically fitted to each woman)
-It has a one-way valve to aid in the creation of suction. This passage also allows the passage of cervical mucus.

It has a loop to assist in removal.

According to the one study available, failure methods are reported at 2.2%(when used with spermicide) and 2.9% (when used without spermicide) for 6 months use, once statistical corrections are applied due to the low number of nulliparious women (17%) that took part in the study. Without these corrections, the typically failure rates using spermicide are of 15% with a sample of 59 women. Due to the small size of the sample, the FDA rejected in a first instance its approval.

It is FDA approved and available by perscription in the United States, though obtainable over the counter in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Canada.

Discontinued as of 2008.
Lexicon category Contraception
Lexicon sub-category Contraception, barrier
Collection Skuy Collection
Search Terms contraception
Cervical cap
Accession number 2004.020